Nokia E63 Review

Nokia E63 Review
After my appalling experience with my Nokia N97 I have gone back to the E63. I’d rate this little phone as being just about the best value phone on the market for the business user.

Best features:
good battery life
qwerty keyboard
You get a very usable qwerty keyboard and once you’re a little practiced on this you can fly along , leaping over large texts and emails in a single bound. I often surprise people with the speed and verbosity of my text replies. I’m equally at home knocking out lengthy (say, one whole paragraph!) emails. It sure beats the one-liner LOL-speak you get from some people. (As an aside, text or not, one thought per line people. It’s English stupid!)

Email support has been quite good through use of a Gmail download. It loads and refreshes quickly to show your latest emails. Only thing it wont do is download and play my voicemails (which come to me via email on a .wmv format). I can do this through the Nokia email program but I have to be very very patient. This is the same software that came with the N97 and it’s functional but clunky. It can take a full minute to update the headers and then another 30 seconds or so to load the email and then another minute to actually download the voicemail. You really have to want that voicemail.

Battery life sees me through the day. It’s above par but not outstanding. It’s the same battery in the N97 but the E63 is a little less demanding. (Or perhaps the phone doesnt encourage you to browse as much?)

It’s a sturdy little fella. If you’re like me and tend to drop phones then these little fellas are cheap enough not to make you cry when you break them (as I have done once already, this being my 2nd E63). As a company phone you can hand them out to workers without sweating the care (or lack of it) with which they are received. I can testy that it took a good many drops onto concrete before mine actually broke. On the other hand, I can hardly count the amount of broken iPhones I have seen. Entire shops are popping up that specialize in doing nothing more than replacing iPhone screens.

Advantages of the N97

For starters I got my internet radio working again. Why this cheap little phone supports the common streaming formats and the N97 doesn’t is beyond me. Go the E63!

I got my PDFs! I refused to pay for PDF software on the N97 and as such could never open them. PDF support is built into the E63.

Browsing the internet is a lot less painful on the E63. The small screen doesn’t encourage you to browse but the speed that pages load is at least better than tedious. Surprisingly, it’s better than a Blackberry Bold 9000 tested recently.

What it can’t do

I’d love to be able to synchonise my Google calendar and have push email support (or at least something better than the current set-up). Synchronizing my Google contacts would be good also but it’s not the end of the world. (There’s a lot of junk in those contacts.)


Pound for pound this is a much more functional device than the N97. It’s cheap and functional and makes a great work phone.

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