Predictive text fails

If you ever have time to kill try googling “predictive text fail” or “predictive text lol”. If the have the same kind of banal sense of humour I do then you’re going to find you’ve got somewhere between 15 and 60 minutes of time well spent ahead of you. Examples of the strange results of phones thinking they know what you’re saying and then saying it for you abound.

For example this one from Damn You Auto-correct:

Predictive text fail

Or this one:

Damn You Auto Correct

You get the idea. There are thousands of them out there.

But recently in England two guys took their predictive text errors a little too seriously and one of them ended up dead:

A MAN was stabbed to death by a friend over a text message misunderstanding, a British court has heard.

Neil Brook, of Salford, northern England, was convicted of manslaughter after he “lost it” and killed friend and neighbor Josef Witkowski over a series of misspelled text messages sent between the pair, The Bolton News reported.

Brook, 33, told police he sent 27-year-old Witkowski a joking text message containing the word “mutter,” a local colloquialism for a person who behaves in an antisocial or vulgar manner.

However, because of his phone’s predictive text program, the message appeared as “What are you on about nutter?” a derogatory British slang word for “deranged.”

Witkowski took offence and went to Brook’s apartment with a knife, the court heard, but was instead stabbed by Brook and suffered 104 separate injuries in the attack.

I’m not a big fan of machines trying to interpret what you want to do because as a rule I know myself better than the machine does. We can hardly blame the phone for what are obviously two very highly strung men, but we can use their example constructively. To wit: it doesnt hurt to proof read your texts every now and then.

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