Maintaining a clean PC

Yesterday it was announced that Australia helped bust the international Microsoft phone scam, where people call pretending to be from Microsoft and tell you that you have viruses on your computer. The scam worked because many people fear they have viruses and don’t know what to do.

Not nearly as many people who think they have viruses will actually have them. Regardless, it’s good policy to regularly scan for viruses and other malware. It keeps your computer running at it’s best and prevents the likelihood of data theft or loss.

This article assumes that you already have some anti-virus protection on your computer. If you don’t then get some. There are plenty good free anti-virus programs, such as Microsoft Security Essentials. What we’re looking at here are the “second opinion” programs, the malware removers that can run on your computer alongside the anti-virus protection you already have. (In general two anti-virus protection programs don’t work together. Having Nortons and AVG on the same computer doesn’t make you safer and can in fact do the opposite.)

It’s good policy to have a second program to scan your computer with. Despite most anti-virus programs on the market being very capable of detected and preventing viruses things do get through and scanning with a malware program is a good way to make sure your computer is clean.

At Pogo we mainly use these two tools.

You can load both or either onto your PC, scan and feel secure that your computer is free of viruses and other malware.

Malware Bytes malware and virus removal tool
Malware Bytes malware and virus removal tool

For the home user both of these programs are excellent, being easy to use while also being very thorough and useful malware removal tools.

If you’re a bit daunted by these programs then stay tuned. In the next blogs we’ll take you through the use of these virus removal tools.

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