Gold Coast Website Help for Mitre 10 Bundall

Mitre 10 Gold CoastThe Gold Coast Mitre 10 store at Bundall has a loyal and growing clientele. There is always room to grow though and with that thought in mind Steve at Mitre 10 Bundall contacted Pogo to set-up their social networking campaign.

Mitre 10 had several hundred people enlisted in their VIP program and over 500 people signed onto their Facebook campaign. It was a good start.

Pogo devised a simple plan for their social networking based around their website. Mitre 10 Bundall now enter their updates directly onto their website as Posts, categorize the according to whether they product specials or other news, and Pogo’s social networking takes over from there. Posts are picked up and posted to Facebook and Twitter with links back to the website always drawing traffic back to the company’s website.

With so many people signed up to their VIP program it was obvious we needed to do some direct marketing via email newsletters. Pogo chose Mailchimp because it’s dead easy to configure and use. The focus of this campaign was always to set it up so Mitre 10 Bundall could take over and run it themselves. Colleen at Mitre 10 has taken to it all like a duck to water and is knocking out professional looking newsletters after a little coaching.

Mitre 10 have noticed a substantial pick-up in their website traffic and can tell from figures available from the various social networking platforms that their campaigns are a growing success. They have now turned attention back to the website itself and are making more use of that, with regular updates and a little SEO.

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