Coolangatta Airport Transfers Website Optimisation

For the past several months here at Pogo, we’ve been working diligently to optimise the Black Label Transfers website around common search terms to increase their web traffic. By approaching the SEO from a variety of angles, we can ensure that Black Label Transfers will draw search traffic from terms such as Gold Coast Airport Transfers and Coolangatta Airport Transfers too. They have had a huge amount of success in Google thanks to our hard work.

Optimising Coolangatta Airport Transfers

Focusing on one search phrase and ensuring a good position in Google search results before moving onto another term means that Black Label Transfers have seen the benefits of the ‘Gold Coast Airport Transfers’ search and will soon start to see results for Coolangatta Airport Transfers. Blog posts, such as this Coolangatta Airport Transfers one found on the Black Label Transfers website allow us to repeat the focus keyword or phrase repeatedly, while still providing useful information to customers about the service they require – in this case, Coolangatta Airport transfers.

If you head over to the Gold Coast Airport website, there is a page dedicated to Coolangatta Airport transfers providing information about public transport to and from the airport and private coach tours. Obviously, the aim of the optimisation we’ve been doing is to bring Black Label Transfers out on top of that page in search engines.

Coolangatta Airport Transfers Prices

Providing potential customers and website visitors with the information they were searching for means they will be more likely to inquire or request services. For example, someone searching for Coolangatta Airport transfers will most likely be after prices first up, then they’ll want to know about the company (are they reliable? are they good value for money?). If the first page they click on has the information they want, they’ll likely enquire as to when Black Label Transfers can be their personal Coolangatta Airport transfers specialist.

 Coolangatta Airport transfers to Gold Coast and BrisbaneCoolangatta Airport Transfers SEO Summary

We’ve worked hard to get Black Label Transfers to their current position in terms of SEO. By broadening search terms and focusing on different phrases we’re confident that not only will they be drawing in their share of traffic from Coolangatta Airport transfers, but many other search terms as well.