Meadow Park Gold Coast Public Golf Course

As an example of the sort of internet marketing campaigns Pogo is doing these days the Gold Coast public golf course Meadow Park is a pretty good example. We’ve developed a strategy to take advantage of and build on the marketing they already had in place.

Public Golf Course Advertising

Meadow Park marketed themselves as a public golf course for social, junior, ladies and senior golf on the Gold Coast. That marketing took the form of TV and radio advertising. What they would notice is that they would get a momentary boost while the advertising was running and then the momentum would soon run out as soon as they stopped activitely marketing themselves as a public golf course through these outlets.

Social Media For Our Public Golf Course

Our idea was to capture some of that traffic and  keep it. Social media through Facebook and Mailchimp were our main vehicles. The idea behind this is to build a database of people we can later use for direct marketing. As an active public golf course Meadow Park have many great function and events that go unnoticed by so many of their patrons because they’re unaware of them. If we can keep those people on our database (and grow the database) we can keep them coming back to the golf course more often.

We targeted people who already use the course, people who list golf as a hobby in Facebook and people who use the Meadow Park website. We have grown the website traffic through use of targeted SEO.

New Website For Our Public Golf Course

The existing website wasn’t capable of fulfilling all the functions required of it so we built a new one. This one takes advantage of social media integration and builds on the reputation of the Meadow Park Golf Course to grow traffic. We were lucky to inherit a website with a good page rank so we were able to quickly capitalize on some smart SEO-focus pages. Within the first two weeks of our redesign we were top ten of Google for several target keywords:

As things settle in we can see that we’re sitting in 2 and 3 for a couple of those and 10-13 for the others. We’ve just started our second phase of the SEO campaign so we’ll expect much better results in the near future. We’re also doing quite well for some subsidiary terms, such as junior golf lesson (middle first page) and junior golf clinics (top!).

Public Golf Course Golf Coast

Our biggest challenge at the moment is to get Meadow Park onto first page for Google searches for public golf courses on the Gold Coast. That’s a much more competitive term but we know we can achieve our goal of being mid-top of first page of Google in the medium term.

Free Golf For A Year

Campaigns work best when you dangle some bait. We’ve been fortunate to have a partner who has come to the party with a great prize, one year of free golf. It’s open to anyone so join up.

Social media campaigns require a degree of commitment to work. You have to get your website in order, your campaign sorted, attract the right people…and it’ll all mean nothing if you don’t offer them a decent insensitive to join once you get them there. Many thanks to Meadow Park for coming to the table with such a great prize.

Free golf at a friendly public golf course