Queensland Outback Holidays

Recently we launched a new look website for our long time clients Great Value Holidays. To celebrate this we thought we would feature some information on their Queensland Outback holidays.

Queensland Outback Holidays

For yeas now Great Value Holidays has been offering holiday experiences with, you guessed it, great value.  Through our dealings with them we know that some of their most holidays popular are their Queensland Outback tours.  My experience with dealing with GVH and some of there customers indicates that this Outback tour in Queensland aboard the Spirit of the Outback is a great experience.

Queensland Outback Holidays: The Spirit of the Outback

Being aboard the Spirit of the Outback affords one a whole new way to experience the Outback of Queensland.  Enjoy 24 hours of comfort and pleasure with scheduled stops in Blackwater, Emerald, Barcaldine before arriving at Longreach.  Soak up the history in these heritage towns on this Outback tour.

Queensland Outback Holidays: Aboard The Train

Aboard this Outback tour in Queensland you will experience fine dining and drinks of your choice from three restaurants and bars. Treat yourself to an authentic Queensland Outback tour cuisine experience at The Tuckerbox Restaurant or enjoy a cocktail at The Captain’s Starlight Lounge.

If you’ve never experienced the Queensland Outback then consider giving their Queensland Outback holiday a look. Rolling through the outback on a train is a  comfortable way to experience our great outback. It would certainly beat staring at the road for hours, which is what you’d be doing if you drove it. You can relax, have a drink, chat, enjoy the outback scenery as it passes you by. Ian and Robyn at Great Value Holidays are very approachable so if you have any questions on their outback holiday or any of their other holidays I’d advise you to give them a call.

We’re very happy with the success their new website is receiving.  Contact us if you have a web project you want to launch with Pogo.