Gun Safes – An SEO Project

Any regular readers of Pogo Computers know that we have a strong focus on SEO.  Of late we have been working with a business called Oz Safe.  Our goal so far has been to bump their website up to number one on Google for the term ‘cash safes’.  Our work has been met with great success, so much so that we are now moving onto a new search term to optimize.  This time it is ‘gun safes‘.  We are approaching this new keyword from a new angle than previous work hoping to see even better results.

Gun Safes

It doesn’t matter how well a website is promoted with SEO, if the product is not sought after the business will ultimately fail.  The reason our previous SEO work has gone so well is down to the fact that Oz Safe produces quality custom safes.  Chief among their work are their gun safes.  The craftsmen can produce gun safes for all needs including domestic or professional gun storage.  When owning a firearm it is crucial that it is well secured so their gun safes are highly sought after.

Custom Gun Safes

Quite possibly the best service that Oz Safe offer are custom gun safes.  Given almost any size and specification they can design and manufacture gun safes to fit.  Need a gun safe to store you hobby firearm? Have a service firearm you need to safely keep? These gun safes from Oz Safes are crafted from the highest quality materials to suit and exceed the most stringent quality engineering standards.  We have seen a few examples of custom gun safes and can assure you, the workmanship is of top quality.  We even saw a gun safe in the shape of Australia coloured in the flag.  Really cool.

Well that’s it for our little feature on Oz Safe and their gun safes.  We are confident that with some hard work and creative approaches their website will reach new heights on Google, especially for their gun safes.