Murkani: Beautiful Sterling Silver Jewellery

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If you want something special in sterling silver jewellery Murkani might have what you’re looking for. All jewellery has been designed by Australian designer Kiralee Murphy and is handmade by Bali artisans that Kiralee has found while on travels.

Murkani Sterling Silver Jewellery Website

Pogo have been lucky enough to work with Kiralee for design and implementation of her silver jewellery website. It was a great process designing the website and seeing the images for her silver jewellery emerge and fit into the site. It was a collaborative experience. Kiralee has a strong design flair not just for silver jewellery. Her ideas for the site helped grow a template driven site into a very personalized website for her silver jewellery. ¬†Kiralee was keen to see her personality and the brand’s personality imprinted onto the site, something I was in total agreement with. Too often websites get lost in the mechanics of what they’re doing and forget that having a strong personality and making the experience of using that site a personal one is important. By changing finishing touches on images and playing with fonts and CSS we were able to create something a bit funky and more fun than the standard template it came from.

an example of the beautiful imagery on the Murkani sterling silver jewellery website
An example of the beautiful imagery on the Murkani sterling silver jewellery website

Caring For Sterling Silver Jewellery

Kiralee will be a regular blogger on her site and her first blog article is about caring for your sterling silver jewellery. She has a good writing style and is again conscious of not being stiff and reserved when writing to her audience. Letting her writing reflect her personality and the brand’s personality is a part of the writing process and helps make for more relaxed and readable text. It’s a deceptively simple thing to write naturally but what often happens is people stiffen up and get very formal when they start typing. Kiralee has a way of avoiding on her site and also on her Facebook page.

An exmaple of the sterling silver jewellery from Murkani's Andulusia collection
An exmaple of the sterling silver jewellery from Murkani’s Andulusia collection

Christmas is coming and I’d suggest that if you want to find a gift that is both personal ¬†and unique you should look at the designs available at Murkani. As Kiralee says in her blog, sterling silver will last forever with a little care. You can’t say that about too many Christmas gifts.