Web Video Productions

Web video is the fastest growth area for web content at the moment. The thing with web video productions is it has to be done right. Poor video is a wasteful exercise.  Good video productions capture and maintain attention, quickly convey the message and convert interest into inquires.

We spoke recently about the advantages of online video marketing. Web video production is the production side of that marketing campaign.  We’ll have more to contribute about online video marketing soon, with new and exciting avenues opening up for exploiting this new field. Static images are poor converters, Flash isn’t widely supported by mobile devices. Web video production and online video marketing will soon work together to become the most powerful marketing tool on the internet.

Web Video Production Experts

CMP Film TV web video production expertsPogo has very little if any real expertise in web video production. When it comes to web video production CMP Film TV are the experts. Their experience in film and television has placed them at the forefront of web video production. To a large degree it’s the same process, though with web content there comes considerable freedom compared with the constraints of working in TV advertising. CMP are very excited by the prospects offered by online video marketing and web video productions. Television marketing is very much an exercise in casting a wide net and hoping to snare a few fish. Compared with online video marketing it is an imprecise and wasteful exercise. A good web video production backed by an effective online video marketing plan is like fishing for marlin in comparison.

Pogo are pleased to be associated with CMP Film TV and to have a partner who can provide professional web video productions for our clients.

Web Video Production Series

If you’re wondering about web video production or are thinking of going it alone with your own productions then stay tuned. CMP are going to be releasing a series of video soon in which they share their expertise with you. We’ll be featuring those videos soon here at Pogo. It’s great that CMP are so available to share their knowledge on web video productions and help lift the quality of content available out there.