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Our trade directory clients 1800 Get A Trade directory continue to expand their directory into new fields and territories. Now if you’re looking for  Brisbane handyman 1800 Get A Tradie has you covered.

Pogo are quite proud of the role we’ve played in this on-going expansion. 1800’s ability to grow existing markets and expand into new markets has been based on Pogo’s ability to grow their search engine results into these new areas. It proves that you can back Pogo to help you build your business.

Handyman Brisbane and Gold Coast

The handyman category has been kind to us. It was one of the first categories we targeted for the Gold Coast and one of the most effective. 1800 immediately attracted traffic through their Gold Coast handyman page. Moreover the conversion rate for the handyman page was far beyond other similar trade pages. The Gold Coast handymen who signed up to 1800 Get A Tradie were blessed with a rush of calls from Gold Coasters. With our move into Brisbane we’re naturally seeking to get value for money from our efforts. So far we have targeted trades in specific areas, Springwood, Rochedale and South Brisbane. Our targeting of the niche term electrician Brisbane southside has been quite effective, both in its position (3rd in Google so far) and in its ability to bring in clients. With handyman searches we’ve decided to go Brisbane-wide. Based on our experience we think it’s achievable in the near short term and we expect that Brisbane handyman searches will have the same high conversion rate as Gold Coast handyman searches.

The Future For Brisbane

Our strategy remains fluid and will respond to the success of previous keyword targets. This success will be determined in two ways. One, the ability to get listed on the top end of Google’s top ten. Two, the ability to convert that into call-outs for the trade directories clients. electrician Brisbane southside was an appealing target for us, and we got the search results we wanted, but it would have meant nothing if it hadn’t started the phone ringing.  When we’ve succeeded with handyman Brisbane we’ll move on to the next term. As our presence and ability to target Brisbane grows we’ll continue to target the larger Brisbane searches. We’ll also be guided by our client’s needs by working within their business strategy. We’re looking forward to seeing 1800 Get A Tradie thrive in the Brisbane handyman market and grow into new categories.
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