Mela Purdie at No1 Boutique

No1@Evergreen is dead. Long live No1 Boutique.

The Evergreen centre, where No1@Evergreen was located, changed hands this year and was renamed. During the transition No1@Evergreen took the opportunity to rename themselves to No1 Boutique. They’re rolling out a new logo (designed by Pogo) and updates to their website and social media pages. It’s a progressive update so if you don’t see all changes immediately you’ll understand why.

No1 Boutique has positioned itself as the No1 provider of fashion boutique and ladies resort wear on the Gold Coast. Demand for their blend of labels and fashion has grown such that they’re now offering certain items online with a view to growing their online presence. Fashion labels represented by No1 Boutique include Mela Purdie, Joseph Ribkoff, Paula Ryan, Banana Blue, Verge and Luxe Deluxe.

Two labels that No1 Boutique is particularly fond of are Mela Purdie and Paula Ryan.

Mela Purdie

Mela Purdie make simple and beautiful clothes that wear well and travel well. Their motto “clothes that travel with you” is reflected in their choice of fabrics, the cut and style of everything they do. If  looking great while living out of a suitcase is your thing then Mela Purdie is a great brand for you to consider. For Mela Purdie No1 Boutique are a major supplier and you’ll find it hard to find a greater range anywhere. You can see a sample of their Mela Purdie range on No1 Boutique’s website and a good selection of Mela Purdie in their online shop. If you don’t see what you want on the site then contact No1 Boutique or visit them in the store. They have more than you see posted currently. With new pieces arriving so frequently they can’t always keep the website completely up to date.

Paula Ryan

Paula Ryan is a another label with a focus on using beautiful natural fabrics and simple cuts to create enduring fashion essentials that travel and wear just right. Paula Ryan use New Zealand merino micro fleece spun on Italian looms as the fabric for their designs. Paula Ryan herself  has a lengthy background in the fashion industry and she uses this experience to create fashion pieces that compliment and endure. No1 Boutique’s Paula Ryan collection is extensive. Again, if you don’t see what you’re looking for on the No1 Boutique website then give them a call or drop into their shop. No1 Boutique also have some Paula Ryan on their online shop.