Downloading Torrents

It’s pretty common for people these days to download illegal digital content. It’s seems so common that people have forgotten that this is illegal. It also comes with the risk of downloading viruses onto your computer. We spend a lot of time removing viruses from computers that were used for downloading movies illegally. At times I wonder if the economics add up. It seems they pay us enough to rent quite a number of movies.

Pogo Torrent Policy

Our policy at Pogo is to refuse to  install torrents for our clients where it is clear they intend to download movies and other digital content illegally.  Our policy is to warn our client’s of the dangers (eg viruses) associated with using torrents and explain to them that downloading movies via torrents is illegal and we can’t support it. 
Pogo do not with to be seen to be supporting illegal practices such as downloading pirate movies. Also, as and IT company that wants to protect the security of the IT assets we maintain, we don’t want to see our client’s computer compromised by viruses and hacking associated with torrent downloads.
Our policy is we refuse to help client’s with torrents. We advise them against it as being both illegal and because it exposes their computers to threats.