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Chronic pain is a problem that, for many people, alludes treatment. The reasons for chronic pain can be multifarious and complex and hence require an approach that takes into account the many possible approaches to pain management and treatment.

The Persistent Pain Program

The Persistent Pain Program is based on the known and proven science of pain treatment. It incorporates many facets of treatment including physiotherapy, occupational therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, exercise physiologists and specialists pain management doctors.

This team-based, multi-disciplinary approach is the best way to manage chronic pain. If you’ve had treatment for chronic pain in the past you’ve probably experience the disconnect between therapists. Perhaps your physio has tried to communicate through you to your psychologist? eg “next time you see your psychologist let them know…” That’s one of the problems eradicated by a team-based approach. The advantages of having a holistic approach to your health are better communication and a team who are working together in the same direction to help you manage your pain.

Gold Coast Pain Centre Of Excellence

Exercise physiologist working with pain management patient

Gold Coast’s Pain Centre Of Excellence is located at Spendelove Private Hospital. The Persistent Pain Program is managed by experienced pain management specialists Dr Heide Feberwee and Dr Dionne Litton. As pain management specialists they offer the latest in pain treatment, including medicine interventions, and help you understand and control your pain.

Costs Involved In Their Pain Management Program

This is the good news. There are no costs. Their pain management program is fully covered by private health insurance and DVA. Patients covered by Workcover and compulsory third party insurance may also be covered. Best you check with them at the Pain Centre Of Excellence to find out.

There may be some costs for incidentals, like TV and wifi (which Pogo set-up for Spendelove!).

Individually Tailored Pain Management Programs

Programs at the Pain Centre Of Excellence take into account each patient’s unique needs. Chronic pain encompasses a wide range of causes and treatment is tailored according to each patient’s needs. Best outcomes in pain management are obtained for each patient.

Pain Centre Of Excellence Website

You can find out much more about the Pain Centre Of Excellence by visiting their website. Pogo were happy to help PCOE deliver this website. It was a pleasure to work with them.

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