Family Mediation Station

The Family Mediation Station is a client who first approached us to do some piece-work on their website. The website was very nearly ready to see the light of day but needed some work before it could be considered finished. We jumped in with some new suggestions on how to include social media in the website (for instance, Instagram in footer of front page, Facebook feed in News page) and pretty soon we had a website that was ready to launch.

Family Mediation

Before we tell you the full story of Family Mediation Station we should take a step back and tell you a little about what they do. Family Mediation Station is the concept of Marie Fedorov, a way of skipping the long and expensive processes of wrapping up a relationship. Instead of involving courts and lawyers, the Family Mediation Station seeks to provide a context for couples to mediate and agreement. The deal is, they get an agreement in one day for a fixed fee.

Initial contact is with a mediation mentor. They help the couple prepare for the day of mediation. On the day of mediation, nationally accredited mediators spend the morning with the couple helping them reach an agreement. In the afternoon lawyers draw up the legal stuff that can then be submitted to make it all official.  It’s a great idea, one that allows couples to move on with their life after a failed relationship.

Working For Family Mediation Station

Family Meditation Station contacted us a second time, this time because they weren’t doing as well in Google searches as they would have liked. We did some research and found that they had a very low domain authority. This is something that is easily fixed. For instance, how about an article on the Pogo website? Domain authority wasn’t the only problem though. There was at least one opposition website with almost no domain authority that was doing better than them. This is where on-page SEO becomes important. We also looked at all the other factors, such as website speed, mobile friendliness, access to bots etc.

Marie’s Legal Experience Lead To Family Mediation Station

It was Marie Fedorovs experience working for Gold Coast family law Fedorov Family Lawyers that lead her to create Family Mediation Station. As a lawyer dealing with couples through a divorce she saw how protracted legal dealings could deplete the assets of the couple. She knew there had to be a better way. She followed the divorce in a day model and created a service that allows couples to bypass the expenses of a lawyer based resolution.

marie fedorov family mediation station and fedorov family lawyers
Marie Fedorov of Family Mediation Station and Fedorov Family Lawyers

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