Gold Coast Pest Inspector

Richard Eedy from Gold Coast Pest Inspector has had a ragged time with his website. He had a good looking website made up for him that didn’t do any good in Google searches. He got some work done on it that didn’t help. And then he got a new website. And the new website was just plain weird and ugly. He’d spent a goodly amount of money, put a lot of time and effort into it, and nothing good was coming from it.Our friends at Gold Coast Login referred him to us. They look after Richard’s mate at Pre-Purchase Building Inspections. They’ve been killing it for a while now and Richard wanted some help making his website perform as well.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Richard mainly focuses on pre-purchase pest inspections and termite inspections. He’s not so keen on pest control, which involved a lot of chemicals. His experience with pest inspections is hard to beat and it’s here that he wants to concentrate his energies. It’s here that we’ll be concentrating our energies also.

New Website For Gold Coast Pest Inspector

In the past week we’ve redeveloped Richard’s website. It’s just a start but a necessary one. The previous website was deterring customers so it was important to replace it as soon as possible. We did this in under a week and have established a platform from which we can build on. To check it out click on his logo below.