What is the best anti-virus for your computer?

What is the best anti-virus for your computer. This is a good question. You want the best protection you can get and you’re prepared to pay for it, what do you get?

Another great question would be, where is all that smoke coming from in this picture above? Okay, moving on…

We’ve been recommending and reselling a Bit Defender foryears. We started using Bit Defender over a decade ago because it was consistently rated as the best or one of the best anti-virus platforms. We’ve been locked into Bit Defender the so long it was good that a customer recently asked me if it was the best. This made me stop and go back and check.

My testing wasn’t the most thorough in the world. What I did was Google best anti-virus and see what the results were. With results from reliable performers like Tom’s Hardware and Znet and APCmag, I think I got at a glance I decently good idea of what the best anti-virus were.

The results showed Bit Defender best anti-virus

The first website I clicked on the had Bit Defender at both number 1 and number 2. These were separate Bit Defender products. The second had Bit Defender at number one. The third website had Bit Defender at number 2, with Norton at number one. The fourth and fifth websites also listed Bit Defender as number one.

Best on-demand anti-virus

The customer had questioned why Malwarebytes consistently found things that the Bit Defender had not. I suggested to her that this was because Bit Defender is purely an anti-virus and does not concern itself with low level malware such as cookies. I think Malwarebytes is an excellent product and worth keeping on your computer even if you have Bit Defender. Interestingly, one of the articles listed Malwarebytes as the best on demand malware scanner. I second that.

We'll stick with Bitdefender

These quick results were enough to convince me that we are still on the right course by recommending Bit Defender to all our users. Having suffered at the hands of other anti-virus in the past and having such a magnificent record with Bit Defender I was no hurry to move on anyway. But it is good to know that other impartial bodies also agree.

If you want to repeat my results just google best ant-virus. And of course we’re a Bit Defender reseller so if you want to license 1 computer or 50, call us. 

PS: Don’t forget to backup. Always the best protection.