How to Grow an Agency by Self-Coaching your Career

Growing an agency is hard work and we can all get caught up in the trap of spending time in the wrong places, doing the wrong things.

If you can coach yourself to see your work from the outside in, you stand a far better chance of achieving what you want from your agency and becoming a success – here are some tips to do so.

1. Clarity About What You Want To Achieve

An important aspect of reaching success involves setting clear goals. Why? Because goals provide perspective. They help you to measure what you achieved thus far, and how far you still have to go. However, goals can also help you research your specific passion and understand it better. So it’s fairly logical why a good place to start your journey is through setting clear and specific goals. At the same time, objectively establish your skills and what you need to do to reach your set goals. It is even recommended to set up a timeline. Then break down the steps into a realistic and manageable timeframe. For example, do you plan on being the owner of your own business in five years? If so, what are the best steps to take to build this business and how seriously do you take yourself? If it’s not for you and you want a career change, or to apply for a job promotion, think about what steps you need to take, but by all accounts avoid cheap resume writers.

2. Regularly Monitor Your Progress

You can call it anything you like, but keeping track of your progress can serve many purposes. For starters, it can be a source of motivation. And if you are going to be your own career coach, maintaining motivation is critical. But you also take note of mistakes and breakthroughs, which can give you more insight into what you are doing wrong.

While it just sounds like an unnecessary obligation, over time, your notes can be invaluable. And whether you believe it or not, they will teach you many things about yourself you probably didn’t realize. Ultimately, they can lead to making the best decisions for your career.

3. Brainstorm With Friends Or Family

Just because you have decided to be your own career coach, it does not mean you need to become an island. You can still utilize your relationships with friends and family. More specifically, you can ask them to brainstorm ideas with you. Sometimes, all you need is another opinion or point of view to get creative. Try to practice your social skills if you aren’t already. Involve individuals you trust to give honest and productive advice. And if possible, find a mentor who can give more detailed advice regarding your specific career goals. But whatever you do, don’t isolate yourself when you should be experiencing it. Especially not when you have something to offer.
brainstorm with friends and family
brainstorm with friends and family

4. Visualize Interactions

When a calm and quiet moment presents itself, use it to visualize interactions with friends, family, or even a mentor. And the conversation you want to have in the privacy of your mind should be focused on your goals. For instance, imagine asking a friend you trust for an opinion about the goals you want to achieve. Chances are you’ll be more critical than your friend, which is a sign to take it easier on yourself. The last thing you need is to turn into your own worst critic. In some instances, visualization can be used to prepare for an important meeting, or when you are stuck and need good ideas. When you take a breathe and begin to visualize, you never know what type of inspiration waits on the other side.

5. Be Willing To Change

In many cases, the comfort of routine prevents us from really making significant changes. For example, you will research your goals online, but you never apply the information you get. In other words, you are running the risk of getting stuck with visualization. But if you want to change your reality, you have to be willing to see the change through.

The hard truth is that you are going to get as much out as you put in. This means being aware of those around you and the support they provide. Which means you should consider doing the same when the situation calls for it. Because you can make the strongest connections when you least expect it. It’s just a matter of opening yourself up for bigger and better things. And remember that failure or mistakes add to your experience, but only if you are willing to own them.