Let’s Talk SEO

Now that you have a website the most important thing is getting people to it. And then converting them into clients. These two different but related goals what will the term in the success of your website. So you need a strategy for getting those people to your website full stop and then you need to optimise your website for conversion.

What is SEO?

I will often use the term SEO expecting the whole world knows I’m talking about. I guess that just shows that we can all be a bit insula. So I thought I had better explained first what is the is.SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of trying to get your website to the top of the Google search rankings. Ideally onto the front page and at the top of the front page.We all know from our own search habits that we rarely go beyond the first couple of results. This will be true of your customers also.By pushing your site higher up on the search engine ladder you get more people to your website and more opportunities to convert them into your clients. It’s important to attract the right sort of customers though, and part of good SEO is knowing which keywords to target and how to target them.

What makes good SEO?

If you listen to experts like Neil Patel you will find that they always talk about content and backlinks. And while, within those activities there are a massive range of permutations, there is within that statement a basic truth. You need good, optimised content. And you need backlinks.(Hi Pow Designs, you’re awesome at making website. See, I just gave my other website a backlink.)

The process of getting backlinks is handled in many ways by many different SEO experts. I think everybody has their own way of doing things. And everybody has an eye on the future. For instance private blog networks were once considered the way to go and now considered a somewhat Blunt tool. So we want to avoid getting caught out like that in future.

When thinking about backlinks, it is also important to consider your internal linking. You’ll need to fashion your content into a kind of pyramid with the most important content at the top. They were does it tend to be something of a reverse pyramid at times. The most important content is often the biggest. With smaller articles linking to it.

And now for conversion

In the early days of SEO there was often a lot of junk content made. It was full of spammy references to the keywords. Keyword packing was considered a way to get good results. Sadly it often work and this lead others to copy.

But of course everything gets smarter these days and that includes search engines. Over-optimised, spammy pages will not rank highly. Google is looking for work that is readable, intelligent and precise. And so are your clients.

The problem with this spammy content of the past was that, while it might have got people to your website, it didn’t get them to become your clients. We need good content that is presented in a functional and pleasing manner. This is just as important as getting people to your website. We also want to convert ing them into clients. Google is now looking for you us to make good content. This is how good SEO is combined with your conversions strategy. The best possible result is for our content to appeal equally to your clients and the Google search algorithms.