Shaving Websites

I used to shave. And then I realized that the less you could see of me, the better looking I became. Since being freed of the tyranny of daily shaving I’ve realized how nice it is not having to scrape a sharp blade against your face every day.

And it’s not like I have issues with shaving rash or similar. My friend did though. And he did something about it. He launched his own brand of shaving soap.

Otoko Isn't A Soap

Okay, I shouldn’t have said soap. It’s not a soap. It lather like soap and so I’ll call it soap. But it’s not. Because soap has different chemistry. Which I don’t care to understand too well. But I do know that soap strips away the top layer of oils because it is alkaline. Or acid. I can’t remember which. All I can tell you is that Otoko isn’t a soap and it doesn’t hurt you face. Not one little bit. I used to use it before I was facially hirsute. I can tell you it was great stuff. 

Their website is It’s loosely associated with us. It was done by a guy I was giving an opportunity to. He had good design chops but no experience in WordPress. It’s a pretty good first go.

Style And Blade

And while we’re at it, let’s give a shout out to Style & Blade. That website was done by our good friends at eWebDesigns. I think there is an online shop at Style and Blade. I recommend trying Otoko is you have any issues with shaving. Or even if you don’t. If you like a good clean shave then give it a go.