The wonderful world of infographics

Who doesn’t love an infographic? We adore them here at Pogo. For the uninitiated, an infographic is a visual representation of information or data that allows us to understand a topic quickly and easily. A good infographic can make dull information interesting. You can use pictures or numbers to tell the story. Graphs are often used for infographics and more recently animated gifs are being used. Another great aspect of Infographics is that they also make for good social media posts

Doing the research

When developing an infographic, or any document for the public eye,  it is vital that the information being delivered is correct. Luckily we have a librarian on our team here at Pogo who is armed with research skills to find reputable websites and sources to gather information for our clients. Some of the sources we use include industry and government websites, and news outlets like The Conversation who work with academics and researchers to produce high quality authenticated articles. Wikipedia is also useful for some topics. You have to remember that Wikipedia is written by the people and has been known to have incorrect information. So be discerning when using online encyclopedias like Wiki.

Infographics for our clients

A number of our clients are perfectly set up for infographics. We have created infographics for the Gold Coast Pest Inspector’s website that tell the statistics about certain pests like termites cockroaches and ants. Gold Coast Caravan Sales are another client that we were able to produce an infographic for, identifying some interesting statistics about the caravan and camping industry. None of these topics are particularly sexy but with some research, good images and short punchy sentences we have been able to generate some great looking infographics that have been used on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Some more examples of our infographic work

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