Easy Credit Card Payment Methods for Your Website

Businesses build up their presence through online platforms in the modern age. As you continue to grow your practice and branch out your products and services, you will be able to incorporate brand new technology into the operations of your company. One such example of this is the expansion of customer payment options. Not only will this show your audience that you are a productive business, but it will also allow you to explore different avenues when it comes to the expansion of your brand. But, when it does come to specific credit card payment options, which ones are the easiest? And what works best for your specific consumer audience?

A good business will want its customers to pay in a way that they are comfortable with. It will lead to them making more purchases from your business and can even have a lasting professional relationship between them and your company. When you filter through the different methods of online payment, you will note that there are some popular ones that everyone vouches for. Since we live in the golden age of tech, there is ample protection provided to the credentials of your customers when they decide to make an online payment from your site. They can even use a free credit check to make sure of it. But do you know which one will bode well for you at the end of the day? And why would you invest in online payments in the first place?


You may ask yourself why you even need to include a credit card option on your site. The extension of provision like payment methods does a lot for the growth of your business. In fact, including a credit card option will lead to:

  • Trust from the customer as your site is legitimate. When you add the logo of a MasterCard, it shows your audience that you know what you are doing as an online business, and your site is well-constructed to take payments of this type.
  • They are selling all over the globe to international customers. Foreign consumers will be able to add in their credit card information without worrying about currency changing or bank drafts, which will showcase all the new potential your company has.
  • Faster checkouts because of the easiness of online payments. All customers have to do is add in their card numbers, and they can check out in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for any other steps.


If you want to add a credit card option to your site, you will need the following:

  1. An eCommerce website where your customers can check out when they buy a product.
  2. A secure payment gateway where there is full encryption for security.
  3. A merchant account where you will process the payment coming through.

Amazon Pay

When you use Amazon pay for checkout on your site, you will not have to deal with any technical issues. Customers can use their Amazon account to pay on your website through simple API integration. They will be able to customize the payment according to the design of your website and will be as easy as adding a plugin. Ultimately, the transaction will finish on your website.


Your customers can avail Paypal to make their online payments on your site with ease and simplicity. When they can check out with the Paypal option, customers will find that they are taking to a gateway where they simply add in their card information, and the purchase is processed effectively. A developer can include within the design of your site if you do not already run an e-commerce platform.

Google Checkout

Besides Paypal, Google Checkout is another great credit card option for your website. Users will be able to pay for any goods and services through an account that is primarily traced back to their profile on Google. As millions of users already use Google for all kinds of services, when you add this to your website, a lot of customers will find it an easy way to make their purchases and will have a good impression of your business.


If you have an e-commerce shop or a subscription service, then this is the perfect online payment method for you. You can simply add the Stripe feature to your site and let your customers pay through the POS and go to the gateway of your site. It is efficient and straightforward and will give your recurring consumers less to worry about during checkout.


When we live in a world where technology had taken over business practices, allowing online payments are not only a good idea, but also it is necessary for the growth and development of your business. Thus, you will be able to increase your revenue by letting your customers make their payments through their cards. Also, it will increase their trust in your brand, and they will continue to make more purchases from you shortly, allowing you to expand your practice.