MacBook screen repairs Gold Coast

If you broke the screen on your MacBook, don’t despair many people across Australia have the same problem. It may seem like the best thing to do is to pay Apple to fix the screen, but Screen Fixed has great Mac technicians who can repair your MacBook screen far cheaper than Apple can. The screens they use are as good as one that Apple uses.

There are a lot of different models of MacBook, each of them has a different screen. They can fix almost any model of Apple MacBook that has been released.

Why is better to use third-party services like Screen Fixed


With no doubt, a repair by the official Apple Store will cost you much more. Whatever you are repairing a Mac screen or anything else it will cost more at the Apple store. At the Screen Fixed you can expect to save a good chunk of money.

Same quality

The best thing is that the cheaper service that they provide won’t affect the quality of the work. They use premium parts that guarantee long-term usage.

It’s faster

Another good thing is the time they need for these repairs. If you repair your phone at an Apple Store it will likely take significantly more time for them to complete the repair. Screen Fixed has a team of technicians who are fast, knowledgeable, and trained experts. Screen Fixed can repair your phone in a few days.

Better service

At Screen Fixed, they treat customers with respect regardless of their needs. Before they start working on your MacBook, they will ask you whether you want to delete the data or you want to keep it (if possible). Normally, Apple stores will delete your device’s data by default. Having an option to choose is obviously a big plus for all users. If you are looking for MacBook screen repair services call Screen Fixed at any time.

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Models they can repair

MacBook Pro

Apple’s most powerful notebook has a glass protective screen that sits in front of the actual screen. So whether you only broke the screen or screen and graphics underneath, Screen Fixed can solve your problem at a much lower cost.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air has a design that looks fantastic, it’s so compact and tiny. To achieve that, Apple made some decisions about how it was built. One of these was that the screen, including the aluminum casing, is a single component. They also use this design in the Retina MacBook Pro models.

Retina MacBook Pro

The Retina MacBook Pro is designed in the same way as the MacBook Air (the screen can’t be removed from casing). This means that if the screen breaks on the Retina models, the entire top lid of the MacBook needs to be replaced. The good news is that at the Screen Fixed you can do it at a lot cheaper price.

Where to find them?

They can fix almost any device: iPhone, Google, Huawei P and Mate models, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, OnePlus, Nokia, LG and more. Your screen repair comes with a 2 year warranty. So if you ever need a repair, check their  shops located in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney, and you can always call us at 1300 193 331.