Online Brand protection

Mark has a website.

The domain is:

marksplumbing .com

The question is, how many other Mark’s and plumbing services are there within this area?

This is Marks’s opportunity to protect his new brand and make his business name easy to remember in the online world.

A way to stand out from his competition could be by registering several different domain names:

marks .sydney

marks .plumbing

marksplumbing .services

An opportunity to expand

These new domain name extensions are an opportunity for new ideas and new business strategies.

Conventional domain spaces are becoming over-crowded. New possible domain options are already registered and it can be hard to think of a new domain name suitable for your needs.

With the thousands of different gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains), the chance to create multiple unique domain names is now near endless.

May assist with SEO and Google AdWords

It is still being debated on whether a keyword-heavy domain could assist with search rankings, but regardless, Google changes their algorithm quite often. What we can say is that URLs are a (minor) ranking factor.

Nobody knows what Google will do next but it wouldn’t hurt to register new gTLDs.

At the least, if it becomes certain that new gTLD domains do boost your SEO rankings, you’ve locked yours in. You can imagine, since Google themselves invested millions in .app, new domain spaces would benefit in some way. According to the Donuts registry, there is evidence to suggest that Google favours new gTLDs over the .com.

Makes great business sense

It’s a smart move to always keep up to date with today’s marketing trends especially with all the new tools that can be used to track this.

Inventive gTLDs can drive engagement by making URLs easier to remember or more distinctive. 

Here are some great examples.

Registering new gTLDs.

Today domain name registrars now offer hundreds of different new domain extensions that cover most common industries. Generally, when registering a new domain you are presented with the option to also register other domain name extensions in bulk. By registering as many different extensions related to your services as you can, you can achieve a greater level of brand protection and awareness.