3 Ways to Prepare for the Google Page Experience Update in May 2021

Google is set to roll out its most significant SEO update in recent memory with the forthcoming Page Experience update that will go live on May 4th, 2021. For the first time, Google will include core web vitals as a ranking factor for organic search. The update will pertain to how users interact with a web page and the experience associated with that interaction.

Safari SEO Sydney suggests that the best reason that developers and search professionals should be paying attention to this update is that Google has been explicit about the weight and importance of these factors. From a company that is notoriously vague when describing the search ranking factors, Google has been extremely clear about the importance of this update.

So, what can you do to prepare for the upcoming update? We’ve put together a list of four key factors that you should be considering ahead of the forthcoming update.

speed counts for websites

1. Focus on Page Load Speed

The latest research suggests that a page load delay of one second can increase bounce rates by as much as 70%. For developers and SEOs the advice is clear – speed up page load time to ensure you keep visitors on site and increase conversion rates. Minimising HTTP requests is one of the most effective ways to reduce page speed load time. Combining files is an effective way to reduce the time it takes to render a page and increase load speeds.

2. Create Clear CTAs

Creating a clear set of call to actions is essential for creating a positive user experience. Each landing page should provide clear instructions and information about where a user can complete a transaction to reach your desired conversion point. CTAs are an effective way to funnel users through the user journey, reduce bounce rates, and dramatically increase conversion rates.

call to action

3. Focus On Content

‘Content is King’ is a popular sentiment in the SEO community. In 2021, the importance of high-quality, informative content is greater than ever. Quality content is a great way to establish your site as an authority and provide valuable resources to your target audience that they can use to inform their decision making process. Focus on creating long-form content that addresses user queries and focusses on a select set of keywords.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get caught up in optimising for Google, Bing, or whoever else. The user should be at the forefront of each decision that you make on your website. Keeping users happy and creating a positive onsite user experience should always be the p[priority – irrespective of the fact that Google is only now rewarding sites that make it a priority.