How To Make An Android App For Beginners

The world of computing has evolved and applications are the new norm when it comes to the delivery of information or service. We are time referred to as the Digital era/age. Technology disruptions are being experienced all over the world and the youth who are the majority f the population now have cool ideas that they want to turn into the application, but they do not know how to get started. The penetration of mobile telephony and the internet especially through mobile devices has helped increase demand for mobile applications. They have recognized the industry trends on mobile and are drawn to be part of the process and benefits from the available opportunities.

It is a little intimidating to dive in headfirst to developing something you absolutely have no idea about or have never done before. The android platform with a dominant market share and a good place to learn development skills. Learn should start small and grow gradually as you build skills. 

There are mired of ways to develop a simple mobile application that is system-dependent on the target market. Android studio development environment is an excellent app to begin learning android development. The below steps are pivotal when developing any mobile application. The steps below are for the android mobile application procedure.

android platform

1. The platform

 Before developing any application, one must select the platform they want to use to build the app.

2. What kind of app should you build?

One should identify the need or be informed by the needs of the app they would like to build. Identification of the problem to be solved will be the guiding factor when developing the app as you strive to solve the problem you probably encountered. Giving room for further improvements in the future to make the application more efficient. Playing around with the ideas will make you develop the basic concepts to use during development. During development, one should be wary of the mistakes bound to happen like the application not launching. These are considered speed bumps during the development stages. Of importance is they should never be used/ allow you to get discouraged.

3. Write the app feature

Before embarking on the app development, you should write down all features you anticipate the app to have. This is critical since it forms the basis of developing the app.

graphic design for you app

4. Create App Graphic design

Here you are tasked to create the outlook of graphical representation of the application to be developed.

5. Create the marketing plan

This is an important stage that should not be overlooked. The target market or end-users should be the focus to place while making the development. Marketing will ensure the required downloads are achieved and hence the frequency of use by the app which eventually creates income/ money for you. This will involve engagement of mainstream media to advertise for you or use of available social media pages to create awareness of the application.

6. Build the application

Here you can use the different available tools to build your application. Examples of tools to use are; Android Studio Development tool.

7. Submit app to store

After the development and execution of the app. You should conduct a test run on the application to ensure it functions optimally. Thereafter, you submit it to the store, for this case Play store where users will be able to download and use the app.