Zapem Pest Management

We’ve recently started working with a pest control company Zapem Pest Management. They’re based in Robina and do all aspects of pest control. We’ve been dealing with them for about two months now and it’s great to admire their professionalism and dedication to what they do. It’s going to be great to build up a relationship with them and get to know them and their company better. 

Building Up Pest Control Searches

One of our jobs is to get them more exposure under the searches for pest control. They’re currently getting mixed results in this very competitive area, with many of their results outside the top fifty. These days you need to be top ten to get customers, and preferable top 5. That means we’ve got a lot of work to do in order to get them into a position where they can get clients from pest control related searches. 

Start Local

That’s where Google Business comes into the picture. Google Business is great for generating local searches. We’ll be putting a lot of attention into Google Business so they can get more clients from local and map based searches. It may be that they only get clients in Robina, where they live, but that’s a big suburb and that makes it a great place to start. 

And Lot's Of Pest Control Socials

We’ll also be generating lot’s of pest control related socials (Facebook and Instagram at this stage) for Zapem. They take plenty of photos and videos when they’re working, which is such a boon for us. We love working with our client’s social sites and when they provide good material for it we’re in heaven. You can can check out their social links below.