5 Tips To Save Ink And Prolong The Life Of Your Ink Cartridge

There’s nothing more irritating than problems with printers. When you’re trying to print some tickets for a major occasion, a boarding pass for your flight, or even a picture you have to share with somebody, printers are always prone to be in trouble at the right time – particularly those that are only used often.


There may be a myriad of reasons your printer’s inkjet cannot print or simply produces entirely empty pages. A common cause, however, is ink cartridges that have been exhausted. We’ve outlined the five most effective ways to prolong the life of your ink cartridge.


Double Check Documents Before You Press Print

Whether at home or in the office, printouts often have to be thrown away as a result of a typo or formatting error – something that wastes both ink and paper. To prevent your ink cartridge from getting wasted, make sure you are cautious enough to double check documents and images prior to pressing print. It will prolong the life of your ink cartridge.

Print in Black & White

If the documents that you print are majorly black and white, then you should be switching to black cartridge printing only as it could help conserve your ink and toner supply. Coloured ink and toner is used in the production of black text and images, but it doesn’t have to be – resulting in unnecessary wastage from colour ink cartridges.

Change Your Font

We all have favourite font’s, don’t we? Once you understand that the type of font you use can affect the performance of your cartridge, you might consider changing it. To make your ink cartridge or toner last longer when printing text documents, check out our article on how switching fonts could save you money.

Don’t Buy the Cheapest Printer

Whilst the nominal budget printer may sound appealing, the variable performance and poor output of a cheap machine could mean you’ll end up spending more in on-going costs. If you want a printer that is a perfect combination of efficiency and affordability, opt for a mid-range printer that delivers better overall results.

Use High Quality Cartridges

Think a cartridge is just a cartridge? You’d be wrong. Depending on the method of manufacture, some ink cartridges deliver much greater yields than others, and are capable of producing many more printouts. When it comes to purchasing replacement cartridges, opt for an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridge or a high-quality compatible cartridge.



In a world ruled by technology, it’s less important to print out every email or invoice you encounter. Instead of wasting your ink cartridge or toner on redundant printouts, use digital media to preserve your cartridges for longer.


Contact your online supplier of high-quality compatible or remanufactured cartridges for ink cartridges and inquire about which printer performs well, and with the lowest cost of ink. They’ll be able to help you choose a printing device that is the most suitable for your requirements.