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Data Recovery

Pogo work with our data recovery partner Kroll On Track to give you total coverage for your data recovery needs. Depending on the scale of your data recovery, we'll either perform the data recovery in-house or work with Kroll for full forensic recovery of your data.

We Cover All Your Data Recovery Needs


Hard Drive Data Recovery

data recover hard drive
Data recovery from accidental erasure of documents, data corruption from a failing hard drive, or data recovery from a dead hard drive.



USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

data recovery USB drives
Data recovery for deleted photos, documents and other files. Data recovery from broken USB flash drives and external hard drives.


SD Card Data Recovery

data recovery sd cards
Data recovery for your precious memories you accidentally deleted. SD Card data recovery of images and other files from flash cards.

Data Recovery Needn't Be Expensive

Our data recovery is tailored to suit your requirements. Data recovery can be an expensive exercise but we work with our clients to find them the right data recovery service. Our data recovery services start at $80 for simple jobs like recovery lost files from a USB flash drive. Deleted photos of your family are important but you don't want to spend thousands. Your lost company accounting files on the other hand might warrant a fuller level of data recovery.


Software Based Data Recovery

software based data recovery
If your drive is still functioning, for instance after accidental erasure of files from your USB flash drive, then we can perform data recovery in-house using state of the art software and our years of experience. Data recovery in these circumstances is often 100% successful, though results vary from one application to another.


Hardware (Lab) Based Data Recovery

hardware data recovery
If your data is beyond the reach of software-based recovery, perhaps your drive is dysfunctional, we'll work with Kroll to provide you with a smooth data recovery process. We'll get you a full quote on costs and likely success of the recovery, work with you to define which files you need recovered, and process and return the drive and data to you.

Call Us About Your Data Recovery Solution

Call Pogo to discuss your data recovery. We'll give you free and impartial advice. Our experience with data recovery can help you make the right decisions.

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