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Wireless Hotspots

Wireless hotspots can attract customers and build revenue. Our wireless hotspot systems let you take control and decide whether you want to charge, grow your Facebook fanbase, or simply attract and keep clients in your cafe or restaurant.

Fully Scaleable Wireless Hotspot Solution

The system is full scalable, from one wireless hotspot point (perfect for a cafe) to dozens (for high rise apartment blocks or shopping centres). Our system creates a wireless mesh (in which all devices talk to each other) to create seamless coverage.

Wireless Hotspot Configurations

Free Wireless

wifi hotspot Give your visitors free wifi and they stay longer and spend more. A wifi hotspot sign outside your cafe will drag in customers. Holidaymakers and business people select their cafe stop based purely on availability of wifi.

Facebook Wireless

facebookIt's still free but only if they Like your Facebook page. It's an effective way to grow your business and your social media base. Combine it with a charged wifi or free coupons for those who don't have Facebook.

Charged Wifi

charged wifi hotspotHotels, resorts and backpackers create significant revenue streams by charging for wifi. Our flexible system can combine free, coupons and credit card payments for your tailored solution.

Fully Flexible Wireless Hotspot Solutions

Combining hotspot configurations allows you to find a solution that suits your needs. For instance, you can give you clients a free voucher for the first days (or hour) use. Then they pay for further internet useage, either with their credit card or Paypal, or they buy a coupon from you. Alternately, you can provide free limited wifi and allow clients to pay for full speed wifi.

With our wifi hotspot solution you can set the rates according to what you think is appropriate for your establishment. Charge $30 a week or $40 per week. Charge $10 for a day or $1 a day.

Our Wireless Hotspots Clients

Wireless Hotspot For Gold Coast English Language School

We've used a wifi mesh of 4 points to create coverage for all students for a Gold Coast English Language School. Students log in to the secure wireless system and access the internet on their own devices across three floors of the school building. We use OpenDNS to protect the students from inappropriate internet usage.

Wireless Hotspot For Gold Coast Hinterland Farmstay

Two wireless devices create a mesh that give adequate coverage for the farmstay buildings and the immediate grounds. All guests have access have free access but are redirected to the farmstay Facebook page when connected. We ask the guests to Like them on Facebook but due to the large number of Chinese visitors who don't have Facebook it isn't a condition of use.

Wireless Hotspot For Gold Coast Hospital

We have four hotspot points in the hospital to provide complete coverage of the three story building for all guests and staff.

Wireless Hotspots For Gold Coast Resorts

Our system is used by numerous Gold Coast resorts and highrise who wanted to take control of their wireless solution. In some cases the wifi is free but in many it has provided a valuable income stream for managers and body corporate.

Wireless Hotspot Range and Reliability

Pogo wi-fi hotspots use trusted equipment, can be remotely monitored from anywhere in the world, and can be custom configured for your business. The wireless mesh does not rely on the operation of any single unit. The cloud-based app allows you (or us) to monitor the network from anywhere.

Content Filtering of your Wireless Hotspot

If you’re providing a public hotspot we strongly urge you to consider content filtering. Prevent people from accessing inappropriate material in your space with content filtering. Pogo use Open DNS, the most developed and robust content filtering available. A free account with Open DNS is enough to keep most wi-fi hotspots fully protected.

Modular Design for Easy Exapansion

Start small and grow your wireless hotspot. Pogo use mesh technology meaning the design is completely modular. Adding extra hotspots improves and grows the wireless mesh. It’s cheap and easy to expand your network.

Affordable Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions

Our wireless hotspot solutions are a fraction of the price of our opposition, have low management overheads and require no ongoing payments. Pogo wifi hotspot solutions have been tested in the smallest and largest installations available on the Gold Coast. Call us today for a quote on your wi-fi hotspot installation.

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