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All this is hopelessly outdated. Please view out Pogo Web Design homepage:

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Pogo website design follows an integrated approach that utilises the best of available technologies and social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) and graphic design with a focus on getting you the best performing website you can get.

Utilize the best of social media

The consultation is the most important part of any website implementation, so if you’ve been over-quoted, under-quoted or failed in some way to understand the process and outcomes of your website then come talk to Pogo. Our consultations are free and at the very least we’ll leave you with a clearer understanding of what you can achieve given your market and budget. Pogo do great websites. Visit our portfolio. Pogo website design uses:

  • best of available technology
  • social media integration
  • ease of use
  • all websites can be maintained by the website owner

Pogo website designs are flexible and creative. Here are a few types of websites we’ve done:

  • e-commerce
  • photo blog
  • company website
  • product website
  • blogs
  • forums
  • CMS

Good web design is a clever balance of disparate and often conflicting elements. Consider these:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Design
  • Delivery of information

To truly deliver a good Return On Investment (ROI) a website needs to balance those elements in such a way that  most suits the customers’ need and gets the most benefit from each element. For most websites SEO will be the predominant element. SEOPogo websites feature:

  • keyword analysis
  • keyword optimization
  • SEO-focused copy that reads well (Pogo staff are published authors, trained and certified copy editors)
  • user update-able (the web loves words, so why stop just because we’ve delivered you your website)
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to analyse and refine the website after implementation

FunctionalityWebsites have many different functions, from the simple delivery of information to complex shopping carts and customer management systems. Pogo has delivered on all of these, using combinations of shopping cart software, PHP and SQL programming, Drupal, WordPress and HTML we have designed such sites as:

UsabilityThe purpose of every website if to convey information and provide the user with an opportunity to navigate around the website and find the information they want (buy the product they want, etc). Websites must be designed with a knowledge of how users actually use the web or they’ll fail in this simple function. The web is littered with (often expensive) examples of this failure. Pogo website design incorporates usabilty into the design to maximize the efficacy of the website. Pogo website usability focuses on:

  • proven and measurable functionality
  • simple presentation and navigation
  • clear and simple copy
  • allowing the user to determine their own website experience
  • best ROI through maximizing return visits

Design A website will often be the first point of contact between your customers and your company. It must represents you and your company and present the same image of your company that you would hope to convey yourself. Good design achieves this without sacrificing the other elements listed above. Visit our portfolio for examples of our design. Delivery of information This last aspect can get lost in addressing the other elemets above. Too often design rules the day (with unnecessary splash screens or fancy navigation themes – with apologies to Tokyo Bike for singling them out). Good websites deliver on information, this being the sole reason people visit the website in the first place. Good websites allow users to move freely, find the infomation they want, and give  them a reason to return. Pogo deliver websites that are clearly presented, easy to navigate, well written and allow for a user experience that facilitates them finding the information they want. Please see our portfolio for examples of our work.