Security Camera Installation Gold Coast

IP security camera
IP security camera

Pogo work on many levels with security cameras, including IP cameras, DVR and NVR based security systems, and hybrid systems. We work on many levels, incorporating cameras into existing networks, consulting on new systems, and sometimes just finalizing systems another CCTV security camera provider has installed. (By which we mean, they’ve cabled the cameras and set-up the digital recorder, but they don’t know how to set-up the modem or smart phone to allow the client to view their cameras off-site.)

Security Camera Installation Services

The services that Pogo offer to Gold Coasters looking for security camera installation are:

  • consulting for set-up of new security systems
  • set-up and optimization of security cameras including:

    • configuration of motion detection zones
    • configuration of alarms, SMS and email triggers
  • configuration of modems/routers/firewalls to allow remote view of security cameras
  • configuration of smart phone apps for viewing the security cameras remotely
  • set-up of dynamic DNS account to maintain a static host name

Pogo are adept at installation of a number of security cameras:

DVR CCTV is best for multiple camera installations. If you want 4+ cameras then this is your best solution. The DVR has a hard drive, usually around 1Tb these days, and it will record up to a month’s audio and video.

IP cameras are a cheaper security camera alternative if you only need one or two cameras. They connect directly to your existing network, often by wireless, so the physical installation of these security cameras is an easy job. Pogo do no specialize in the physical installation of cameras but can often install IP cameras when required. Some cameras, like many of the cameras from Compro, come with an SD card slot and they record a small amount of video directly onto the the SD card. Expect to get a and hour or so up to day or two or security camera footage, depending on the size of the SD card.

Installation Of Security Systems

We work with trusted contractors to achieve the outcomes we want for our clients. We are not dedicated nor registered consultants for security installation. Our experience with CCTV is broad but when it comes to installing full systems we bring in contractors we’ve a long history of working with, who understand technology on the level we know it, and who provide robust and reliable security camera systems.

Integrated Security Systems

We’re a technology company, not a security company, which gives us an advantage in many ways. Where applicable we choose to leverage existing infrastructure or incorporate IT infrastructure that complements the needs of our clients and their future growth. Examples of this include:

Spendelove House Security Cameras and Synology NAS

synology NAS used for security
We had already centralized storage and back-up For Gold Coast hospital Spendelove’s  data in a Synology NAS drive. Part of the reason we love Synology NAS drives is their versatility. We always have an eye toward the growth of our clients and in this case we knew Spendelove would consider installing a security system at some stage. The Synology NAS drive comes with excellent security software. We added some high definition IP cameras to the network and got Spendelove a cost-efficient security monitoring system.

Unifi Based Security Systems For Gold Coast Retail Shop

unifi security cameras
We’re big fans of Unifi’s wireless AP products. They’re wonderfully scaleable professional-level systems. Their line of security cameras builds on their wireless systems with free enterprise level software enabling us to use client’s existing computers as an NVR. In a recent case, we replaced a local Gold Coast shop’s cameras with Unifi cameras, installed the software on their existing PC, and gave them an extremely cost-effective solution for monitoring their shop.

Security Camera Installation Gold Coast

Pogo use and recommend products from Footprint Security. We do security camera installations all around Australia for customers from Footprint Security (via remote access software to PC or Mac). As Gold Coasters you can buy local and support your local businessman while getting the great after-sales service from Hugh at Footprint.


If you’re looking for a complete installation package from a CCTV specialist then look no further than TES Gold Coast. Brisbane CCTV ASA provide installation services to Brisnane and Gold Coast. They can do installations to any size and combine that with other security systems such as access control and alarm systems. TES and ASA offer the full security package for Gold Coast and Brisbane business clients.

If you’re a home user and you want a quote on installation of cameras (both the physical installation and the set-up of remote access and other services offered by Pogo) please contact us. We work with security camera installers to install DVRs and run cables for us while we look after the services outlined above. We will recommend IP cameras where applicable or DVR if required.

Summary of Security Camera Installation Gold Coast

While Pogo can help Gold Coasters with just about any type of security camera installation we’re mainly called in after the cameras have been installed. If you have installed your cameras and want to view them remotely then please call Pogo.