Pogo have been repairing the computers of the Gold Coast for over 7 years now. Our ability to correctly diagnose and repair computer faults has made us a number one repair provider for a great many Gold Coast businesses and families.


At the heart of any successful computer repair is the diagnosis. Too often we’re handed computers that other Gold Coast computer techs have failed to repair properly. Their problem: they treated the symptoms and not the cause of the problem.

Pogo are a number one Gold Coast computer repairer because of the depth of our understanding of what makes for successful computer repair and how to correctly test for faults. Testing assumptions and divining the root cause of a computer failure is the ability that separates us. Too often naive computer repairers assume they know the cause of the problem, fix that, and have the problem recur very soon after. Pogo’s computer repairs prevent this with proper and careful diagnosis.

Pogo use a range of tools and software to aid diagnosis. Very often though reliance on these things does not take the place of intelligence, intuition and years of training to look beyond the easy or obvious answers. A combination of experience, insight and careful testing allow Pogo to reach correct diagnosis of computer failures.

Computer Repair

A successful repair can take many forms and almost always there are options. Pogo take the time to explain and evaluate the options with you. For instance, some computers have problems that should not be fixed because it is not economical to do so. Pogo will never take your money for repairs that were not necessary. Pogo will advise and guide you toward the solution that fits you best.

Depending on the nature of the problem Pogo can repair your computer onsite or in our workshop. Often it is cheaper for repairs to be located in the workshop and we will advise you if this is so. Pogo have proficient and confident staff and if you wish the work to be done onsite we’re very comfortable with working for you at your premises.


Pogo repair all computer problems:

  • hard drive failure and replacement
  • memory errors
  • motherboard and CPU failure
  • video problems

Pogo also repair:

  • UPS
  • servers
  • network diagnosis and repair
  • some printer faults

Breadth of experience

Computer repairs often present a unique challenge because they blur the lines between possible causes, from operating system errors, to hardware failure, to program faults or an interaction between the various elements. Pogo is a preferred provider of Gold Coast computer repairs because we have the depth of experience to understand all these elements and how they interact.

Trust you computer repair to Gold Coast’s best computer repair providers. Contact Pogo.