About Us

Pogo have been established on the Gold Coast since 2004 and service all sectors of Gold Coast IT.

A strong focus on customer support and relations has seen steady growth through word of mouth and also helped us keep a solid base of long term customers, many of whom have been with us since day one. We believe in a philosophy that focuses on our customers’ needs and tries to fashion solutions around that, rather than a too narrow IT focus that can sometimes result in solutions forced onto customers.

Environment and Community

Pogo are an active part of the Gold Coast community and sponsor of local activities. We support a number of charities such as the Gold Coast Hospital community fund and every year we sponsor underprivileged children through the Lions Club.

The environment is very ¬†important to us and believe that computers help us achieve our goals of protecting the environment. By encouraging and implementing things such as remote access and net meetings people can travel less. Moreover, Pogo is careful in it’s environmental practices, using RHOS parts, using manufacturers of quality parts, and recycling where possible. Pogo is a strong supporter of local computer recycler Matt Dyer.

The people behind Pogo are:

James Pollock

20 years in IT. Graduated from VTU in 1991 and has worked in the IT industry since. An association with Tech Precision allowed him to work within a national IT company (and move from Melbourne to the Gold Coast) and see the good and bad within that. Now convinced of the need for a local focus using global technology he keeps Pogo solidly Gold Coast focussed. James is a strong proponent of cloud computing, bringing flexible IT solutions to peoples and organisations of all sizes.