Data Recovery

Pogo’s data recovery is a transparent process aimed at easing your worries and returning your data. The three steps below are usually complete within days or up to a week in some cases.


We'll explain in simple terms what the process is and how your data will be recovered.


During the data analysis phase you'll find out what data will be recovered.

Recovered Data

Your data will be returned to you on a new hard drive.

Pogo provide layers of data recovery depending on your requirements and the state of your data. Data recovery services are useful in the event of:

  • data corruption from failed/failing hard drive
  • data loss due to accidental erasure
  • data loss from total failure (dead) hard drive

Internal Hard Drives

Your laptop and desktop data is contained on a hard drive. We can recover data from that hard drive.

External Hard Drives

External drives are susceptible to failure and hence common data recovery targets.

USB Flash Drives

Got your photos, backups or docs on a USB drive that failed? Call us about getting that data back.

The levels of data recover available include:

  • software based data recovery
  • hardware (lab) based data recovery

Software Data Recovery

Software data recover is useful for partial loss of data from corruption or where data losses are from accidental erasure of data. This type of data recover is the cheapest, taking place in our Gold Coast workshop using software tools. If the hard drive spins then data recovery can be anything up to 100% successful. No two cases are the same though and data recovery of this type incurs a minimum fee of $90, which will often also cover the full cost of the data recovery.

Hardware (Lab) based Data Recovery

This type of data recovery is done in a clean-room environment with dedicated data recovery hardware. Data recovery is possible from drives that are completed inoperable. For this type of data recovery you will be given a quote on the cost of repair before it commences. Expect costs of $800+ for this type of data recovery. Your quote will outline the complete costs and also the data that will be recovered.


Gold Coast Data Recovery

Please feel free to contact us with your data recovery questions. Our layered approach to data recovery puts us in an ideal place to provide cost effective Gold Coast data recovery.

Below are some examples of our work.

Types of Data Recovered By Pogo

We recovered images and documents from a USB drive. Same day service.

We recovered information, including all emails and addresses, from a hard drive that had been formatted.

We recovered all information from 3 x back-up tapes from a disused server.

We have have recovered data from external hard drives too numerous to mention.

We can recover lost data from most devices. Please call us for information or contact us via our form.