Gold Coast Computer Virus Removal

Gold Coast computer virus removalProper computer virus protection is one of the most important aspects of modern life. Our  computers are so central to our lives, from our entertainment and communications through to online banking and shopping. Sometimes though, viruses will slip through – and that’s where we can help. Gold Coast computer virus removal is something we specialise in here at Pogo. To minimise downtime, if you suspect a virus is present on your PC you should contact us immediately.

Gold Coast Computer Virus Removal

If you notice any of the following symptoms on your PC you could be infected:

  • Pop ups while browsing 
  • Google or other search engines redirect you
  • Fake anti-virus program tells you you must purchase software to remove the viruses
  • Fake Windows messages informing you that your hard drive has errors and you should purchase their software to fix the errors
  • Your computer has slowed down significantly in a short period of time

Anytime you’re connected to the internet, virus protection and a healthy PC are essential. As computer and IT consultants we have personally witnessed the often expensive effects of viruses:

  • credit card fraud
  • email theft and fraud (such as using for spam, sometimes leading to the user’s email being blacklisted)
  • loss of files such as work documents, emails and pictures
  • loss of productivity from inoperable PCs

It’s hard to stress too much the importance of getting good solid virus protection for your computer. If you have any questions on protecting yourself from viruses please read my computer virus protection guide first. That guide should give a reasonably savvy home user enough information to get themselves protected from computer viruses. Do  remember that no software program will stop all viruses. If something looks unsafe or dodgy, don’t download it. Sometimes even your anti-virus won’t be able to stop a virus if you’ve download it yourself. Always make sure you have the latest version of your browser as this will ensure it has the best detection of dangerous sites that may viruses.

Pogo protecting Gold Coasters from computer viruses

Pogo Gold Coast Computer Services offers a full service for virus protection, detection and Gold Coast computer virus removal. It is much better to be safe than sorry where viruses are concerned so please if you suspect you have viruses contact a professional for virus removal.

If you’re unsure if your computer has adequate virus protection please contact Pogo Gold Coast Computer Services.

If you suspect your PC has a virus please contact Pogo Gold Coast Computer Services.