Online Video Marketing

Over 1 billion people visit You Tube every month. With those sort of figures you can see why online video marketing is a growing sector. And while You Tube is the biggest player in the web’s video market it’s certainly not the only one. Vimeo has a large and growing internet presence also. What this adds up to is a massive market awaiting exploitation for those who are prepared to go meet it.

Gold Coast Online Video Marketing

Professionalism is the key to any online video marketing and that’s why we’re  very happy to collaborate with Gold Coast online video marketing experts CMP Film & TV. They have decades of experience in film, television and advertising. They have the experience, equipment and talented staff to deliver your online video marketing strategy and make it succeed. Their award winning directors, editors, animators, cinematographers, stills photographers, and web designers having worked in the TV, film and advertising industries since 1979.

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Pogo also work closely with video marketing gurus at Video Marketing Gold Coast. Their scope of work isn’t quite as large but for small budget productions they deliver great results.

Examples of Online Video Marketing videos by Video Marketing Gold Coast




Why You Should Be Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing Has a Huge Audience

The first reason to be joining the online video marketing age is because the audience is already there. It’s the same answer I give to people who ask me why they should join Facebook. It’s where your market is so you should be there too. You can’t ignore the numbers, 1 billion per month just on You Tube.

Online Video Marketing Engages and Informs

The internet is a place for short attention spans. Average times on your site can be less than 2 minutes. You need to engage your audience of you want to keep them there and convert them. Online video marketing provides you with a way to grab attention. Online video marketing is also a great way to quickly impart information without asking your visitors to read a bunch of text. If you’re making your website visitors work too hard you’re doing it wrong.

Online Video Marketing Shows and Demonstrates

Show don’t tell. It’s a simple guiding philosophy of the web but one that is somtimes hard to implement.  At some stage you need to describe and inform in ways that static images can’t do. That’s where online video marketing comes in.

Online Video Marketing is Good SEO

Another great reason for online video marketing is Google. Ever noticed how often you search for something and a video shows up in the top ten? That should be your video right there.

Online Video Marketing is Social Networking

Online video marketing is also an extension of your social marketing. You Tube is, apart from a platform to host videos, a social media platform. It’s a new way to find new followers.