Electricians for Brisbane’s Southside

1800 Get A Tradie continues to grow on the back of aggressive search engine optimization from Pogo and a sensible approach to reaching into new regions by the 1800 guys. They’re creeping up the highway and now have handyman and electricians on Brisbane’s southside.

Handyman South Brisbane

handyman Brisbane southside for 1800The existing listings for handyman Gold Coast have been extremely busy. We’ve put 1800 Get A Tradie into number one for that search term and their handymen have been booking jobs every week as a result. It goes to show how cost-effective good SEO is. If you don’t have you own website just book a listing with 1800. They’re only $200 per year and you get the share the spoils for handyman Gold Coast searches at 1800 Get A Tradie.

Electrician Brisbane Southside

1800 now have electricians Brisbane SouthsideBrisbane is a big market to break into and our SEO budget on this one isn’t huge. When I mentioned above that good SEO is cost effective, I think you would be amazed at what Pogo has done to grow the 1800 business. I’d defy any other SEO company to do as well on the same budget. For our push into the Brisbane electrician market we have chosen to tackle the search term Electrician Brisbane Southside. We identified Electrician Brisbane Southside for 1800 Get A Tradie as a popular search term and one that has several advantages over Electrician Brisbane South. First, it’s slightly niche so it gives us a realizable goal. Secondly, Southside contains the word South so our SEO campaign can roll over into Electrician Brisbane South without any duplication of effort.

If you’re looking for either an handyman or an electrician on Brisbane’s southside support 1800 Get A Tradie and use their directory. The guys who run it are Gold Coast tradesman and businessmen and they getting some good businesses on board. It’s still early days for their directory so they’re careful not to damage their brand with mug tradesman. As tradesmen themselves they know who they’re dealing with. Check out their Electrician Brisbane Southside listings next time you want a sparky.