Gold Coast Caravan Sales

The guys at Gold Coast Caravan Sales have been very busy on their website since we updated it earlier in the year. They’re constantly adding new products and updating their news feeds. It’s always great to see a client take a website and grow it.

We recently identified a couple of areas where they could grow their site and draw more traffic. They were already posting to Facebook but their overall Facebook strategy was lacking. Each time they added a caravan to their site that would post directly to Facebook. It was obvious that if they could grow their Facebook base then they would be direct marketing to more people. With that in mind we have set off on a campaign to add thousands of new Likes to their Facebook page. Initial response has been great. In the first month they gained 400 new Likes. The caravan community is a close-knit one and already the Facebook page gets considerable feedback and queries on purchasing or selling caravans.

Bailey Caravans

Bailey Pegasus interiork

We identified a few areas where Gold Coast Caravans Sales could benefit from some search engine help. With Bailey Caravans Gold Coast Caravan Sales┬áhad a position on the front page of Google but analysis of the available data showed that small improvements in search results could result in considerable traffic improvements. Jumping a few places could add as many as 500-1000 hits per month. Results so far have been mixed, with Gold Coast Caravan Sales initially jumping much higher for Bailey Caravan searches and then sliding somewhat. They’re still higher than previously but we’ll be doing more work to get them closer to that number one position. With Bailey Caravans itself holding number one spot we’d be be happy with a number two spot. Caravan and Camping sales hold 2nd and 3rd so perhaps we’ll get an honourable 4th for Bailey Caravans. Either way, we’ll aim high and maximize traffic for Bailey Caravans searches and also knock off a few of the related Bailey Caravan searches (such as Bailey Caravans for sale) to claim a greater share of that traffic for Gold Coast Caravan Sales.

Lightweight Caravans

The other area we identified where Gold Coast Caravan Sales could improve their position was for Lightweight Caravans. There is considerable interest in the caravan community for lightweight caravans and them being mid-second page for lightweight caravans Gold Coast Caravan Sales had a lot to gain by moving higher in searches.

Bailey caravans have considerable advantages over other vans as a lightweight caravan. They’ve developed a technology that allows them to have stronger and thicker walls while still shedding weight. They’re cooler in summer and warmer in winter and they can do this…

Bailey caravans might be lightweight caravans but they're also very strong