New Website: Finance and Loan

The Finance and Loan website is designed to draw and convert traffic from people interested in home loans. Finance and Loan is the website of a local experience loan expert and close friend of mine. The website’s role is to generate leads that can be turned into loan applications. Having known Steve for years it’s a real pleasure to work with him. I know from experience that his methods are sound and his expertise is first rate. We look forward to growing this relationship with this website and helping grow the finance and loan business.

finance and loan

Gold Coast Home Loans

Finance and Loan aims to become the Gold Coast’s foremost website for searches on home loans, debt consolidation and other related areas of finance. The Gold Coast home loan market is of course saturated with websites trying to do the same thing so we’ll have to work harder and smarter in order to rise above them. We’ve had previous experience at this and know that first page isn’t an unreasonable short to middle term goal within the Gold Coast finance sector.

Mixing Social Media With SEO With Paid Advertising

I’m always saying that any return on effort should have multiple goals. We’ve designed a strategy that will leverage our effort across multiple platforms and grow our website through using organic and paid results. We’re using social media and Adwords to help achieve our goals.