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For those of you who fondly remember former Pogo staff member Amy, you’ll be glad to know we’re keeping it in the family by working for her father. His company, South East Electrical, had a dated and increasingly poor performing website. He asked us to rehabilitate that website.

gold coast electrical services

Gold Coast Electrician

South East Electrical’s website used to place very well for web searches on the search term “Gold Coast electrician”. It had slipped past first page, past second…it was effectively invisible. Whereas it previously brought in a good amount of business, referring several new clients each week, it was now doing no trade for South East Electrical.

South East’s focus was on getting the site back to where it belonged. They hadn’t come looking for a new website but that was for us the starting point. The old website wasn’t responsive/mobile friendly, which is no good either for visitors or Google search rankings. It was also quite clunky by modern standards and need a clearer design to convert the traffic once it arrived.

The new website is our starting point. Apart from our design, which you can see, we’ve also moved host to a faster (because page speed is an SEO factor)  and we’ve applied a security certificate (SSL) to the site (because it’s good form to protect your visitors info if you’re asking them to enter details on your site and because Google says this is another thing they’re looking for from us).

A Good Start For South East Electrical

Having laid the foundations for further work, we’re off to a good start. Search engine results have improved across the board even though we’re yet to start the real work of moving them through the search results. Several terms are in the top ten, including, “Gold Coast domestic electrician”, “Gold Coast emergency electrician” and “Gold Coast electrical services”. Results can be volatile after making such big changes and we can expect these to yo-yo somewhat but we’re encouraged by our success to date.

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