The Pain Centre of Excellence

Persistent Pain Management Gold Coast

SEO strategies for chronic pain

The Pain Centre of Excellence is a Gold Coast based specialist clinic that focuses on Chronic Pain Management. While the team of specialists at the centre focus on helping people in persistent pain overcome their sometime debilitating condition we at Pogo are working in the background makings sure potential customers find The Pain Centre of Excellence through organic searches in Google and using other proven SEO strategies.

We have been working with the team for a couple of years now, initially working on their website and then ongoing SEO work. The Pain Centre were unnecessarily spending a lot of money on Google adwords. Our strategies have proven to work and the website is now showing good results.

Projects like this are exciting as we are required to delve into industries, like persistent pain management and chronic pain, that we had no previous knowledge of, and then to create a website that makes sense to the average person as well as providing useful information. We think we achieved this. The client is happy and the clients who require chronic pain management care are also relieved as they have found an avenue that will give them a better quality of life.