Tips To Writing A Good CV for a Job in Web Design

To get a job in Australia you need to ensure that your CV is of the best quality. You can do this yourself or you can hire a professional CV writer, either way there are some definitive do’s and Don’ts.
Things to do:

Limit your CV to two on-sided A4 paper sheets. Most employers and HP professionals spend on average less than half a minute reading a CV, so keep it short and relevant.

Read your CV out loud to yourself or to one of your friends before sending it to potential employers. This will be a great opportunity for you to spot and correct any grammar or spelling mistakes. It will also enable you to get an idea of the first impression it will make.

Set your social media accounts on private. Employers may try to find you on social media using the information you reveal in your CV. Always use decent profile pictures. Enter your name in Google to see what pops up on the first page of results.

Showcase your education, your qualifications, your skills, ad your assets. The skills you’ve acquired throughout your career are probably transferable into other jobs, industries or areas of activity. Always remember to update your CV with the latest developments in your professional life.

Don’t lie. Lies are easy to detect during an interview, so make sure you yell the truth by all means.

Things to avoid:

Use the same CV for all job applications. The HR industry relies on automation to make their recruitment processes more efficient. Some of them may scan for words that are the most relevant for that particular job opening. If that skill isn’t there, your CV will never pop up among those results. Always adapt your CV to include the skills the employer is looking for, but only if you do have those skills.

Use cynicism, jargon or bad humor. Always write in a clear and direct style. Be professional and concise to help the employer get a positive first impression of you.

Use silly email addresses or fancy layouts. If you aren’t a graphic designer looking for a job in this industry, you shouldn’t use fancy fonts or graphics in your CV.

Leave unexplained time gaps. You should mention even the periods when you were volunteering or actively seeking employment.