Pedal Clothing

Many of you might not realise that in my private hours I also maintain a bicycle blog. In many ways this blog was my entree into the world of search engine optimisation. By developing it into a website that received tens of thousands of visits every month I also learnt many of the tricks and tools I would need to make other websites reach the top of Google rankings

I don’t talk about it terribly much on this website because to be honest much of the content on it would reflect poorly on me as a businessman. If you count infantile jokes and dubious rants has worthwhile content then maybe you’d enjoy it. But otherwise it’s probably best avoided.

However, I want to tell you about a company I recently had the pleasure of dealing with. Pedal Clothing sent me a jersey to review. It was a wonderful piece of clothing and if you’re all interested in cycle clothing then go and check it out.

plaid pedal clothing company
The jersey from Pedal Clothing

As we know COVID has led to an explosion of cycling and it’s very hard to get anything cycling related at the moment. A website like there’s is now a great place to go and grab some of the necessary cycling clothing you might not own if you’ve just joined cycling. It is well priced and well made and I can recommend it.