Air Conditioning Cleaning Installation & Service

There aren’t too many Gold Coast homes without air conditioning. Even people like me, who don’t like air conditioning, know it’s a must have. There’s no way I can work in the peak of summer without a bit of cool air. I’m probably something of an outlier though, with many homes relying on their AC to provide optimal comfort most of summer and winter. That’s why it’s nice to be able to recommend an air conditioning company I know you can rely on. 

South East Electrical

I’ve known South East Electrical since forever. One of my first staff was the daughter of the owner. Glen came to us over a decade ago to work on his website and since then we’ve maintained a long and constant relationship. I’ve used his electrical services in my home and recommended them to my friends and clients. All the work has always been top notch so I know I can recommend South East Electrical without hesitation. 

Air Conditiong Installation

Some time back South East Electrical branched out into air conditioning installation. Installations need a sparky to finish off the install so it made sense for an electrical company to move into this area. By hiring ARCtick qualified HVAC installaters, SE Electrical have developed into  an expert air conditioning installation company. It’s typical of their approach that they got the best techs and most qualified electricians working together. 

Air Conditioning Installation And Service

I’m somewhat repeating my headings there. That’s because South East Electrical branched off another website and identity called Air Conditioning Installation And Service. As we said in the intro, most Gold Coast homes have air conditioning installed. That makes it a large and growing market. SE Elec found this to be a growing part of their business and want to grow it as its own identity. They’ve found that they’re moving good volumes of air con units, which gives them buying power. This means they can sell and install AC units to clients at great prices. They also have all the in-house expertise to ensure smooth and cost-effective installation. They don’t rely on outsourcing any of the installation like some companies do.

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Another aspect of their business is air conditioning cleaning. If you think about that unit blowing air into your home, it makes sense that the filters and other parts of it will become dirty. Dirt attracts mould, which then blows into your home. You can do some cleaning yourself or you can get it professionally cleaned. I do a bit of both. I’m a DIY kind of person but having seen a full cleaning process there is no doubt it is much more thorough than what I could do. They also leave no mess behind, which impressed my wife no end.