It’s not just businesses who network these days. The stand-alone computer is almost a thing of the past now. From home media and printer sharing to networks for small and medium businesses and beyond, almost everyone requires a network.

A network should be designed to suit the level of access necessary for its applications.

Home Networks

Wireless networks often constitute the bulk of a home network and if properly configured will be fast and reliable. Wireless-N gives home users speeds fast enough to reliably stream media between PCs. Windows Media Center can record live TV on one PC and someone else can watch it via the network from another. Printers can be shared across the network and of course everyone gets to use the internet.

Wireless networks can be further enhanced through the use of stronger antennas and repeaters. A good wireless network can be configured to cover almost any distance.

SOHO Networks

SOHO is a big part of Pogo’s business life, this being a popular choice for Gold Coast businesses. The SOHO network is often a combination of ethernet and wireless networks. Ethernet gives advantages of speed and reliability, while wireless is quick and easy to implement. Often little data is exchanged in a SOHO environment but gigabit ethernet now offers substantial improvements in speed with little extra layout. Whether customers replace existing network infrastructure with gigabit is a decision to be made based on the comparative advantages versus the cost.

Medium to Large Networks

Facets Of A Well Planned Network

  • Centralized control
  • Centralized storage
  • Centralized back-up
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Access to network facilities such as printers and storage

Pogo have the experience to implement reliable and secure networks of any size. We have sub-contractors who we trust and recommend to lay out the best cabling, while our expertise in Microsoft server products and other elements of networking (switches, managed switches, SAN, NAS, software for auditing networks, etc) allows us to configure and manage reliable networks for Gold Coast companies.