Tips for blogging

An active blog page is an important part of a modern website. In fact, a blog itself can out perform a website, if that blog is maintained regularly. My own blog, Single Speed Gold Coast, is top or near top on many crucial search terms within its field.

Blog or News pages can be very effective on websites if done even half properly. Here are a few simple tips:

  • keep an eye on your keywords
  • write it in friendly English
  • update it regularly
Keep an eye on your keywords
Most people will have a reasonable idea of what their keywords are. If you’re selling widgets in Queensland then it’s likely the keywords are “widgets” and “Queensland”. Your web guy/gal might have made keyword density an exacting art but if you can get it even half right you will maintain the momentum they’ve given you.

Use and repeat your keywords. This can be very simple. Instead of saying, “Tomorrow we release our new calendar with updated product shots in it,” say, “Queensland Widgets releases its new calendar tomorrow featuring shots of all our widgets”. Almost every post can fit in a keyword or two. Don’t waste an opportunity.

Write in in friendly English

If you want bullet form, then use bullets, but for the rest of the text use full sentences. Don’t write, “Calendar! New products! Coming soon!” Write like you’re speaking to your audience. You don’t speak in staccato bursts of phrases so don’t write like that.

Keep it friendly. None of use are paid writers so it’s more than possible that our writing style isn’t perfect. This is all the more reason to write like you’re talking to a friend. Engage with them. You’re not writing up your lab report. There is hardly a successful blog anywhere on the web, whether on serious matters (like bikes!) or something something more trivial (like IT?) that doesn’t maintain a friendly attitude.

Update it regularly

Okay, so I’ve been guilty of neglecting my Pogo blog…and my search engine results reflect that. Whereas I have been busy on my bike blog and that’s going great guns. Try to put aside time at least one hour a week and update your blog. Google loves to see new content. It knows your website is alive and healthy and worth providing links to. A little discipline is required to set aside an hour a week but the benefits are more hits and more clients.

Like anything you do regularly, it becomes easier and easier to do. The writing become easier and you will begin to see just how many interesting things you have to contribute. So don’t hide those ideas and don’t let your website down. Get blogging.