Maintaining IT spaces

As a business owner, it is your duty of care to provide your employees with a clean and healthy environment for your employees. You also want to maintain clean and healthy spaces for your IT equipment. That equipment depends on having a cool, clean environment in order to function reliably. To sustain a healthy and […]

New Website for DPS

Direct Planning Solutions had an existing website designed by Pogo. Top ten search results meant it drew good traffic and converting that traffic meant the site represented a good return on investment. As a website though the original wasn’t as accomplished as it could be. We felt that we could better convert traffic and represent the […]

Pure BodyTea Weight Loss Tea

I’d only recently heard of this phenomenon of herbal weight loss tea when I was approached to do a website for a new brand. The owner and I spent time together reviewing the current websites, him showing me which ones he liked, together discussing the merits of them. My opinion of these sites was that […]

Downloading Torrents

It’s pretty common for people these days to download illegal digital content. It’s seems so common that people have forgotten that this is illegal. It also comes with the risk of downloading viruses onto your computer. We spend a lot of time removing viruses from computers that were used for downloading movies illegally. At times […]

Posting To Instagram From Your Desktop PC

If you’re using Instagram as part of your promotions and social networking activities then you’ve no doubt run into the problem that plagues us. There’s no simple way to send images from your PC to your Instagram account. Why You Need Instagram On Your Desktop PC You’ve got Instagram on your phone right? So why do […]

Website for Gold Coast Handyman Peter Galea

screen print galea handyman website

Local Gold Coast handyman Peter Galea had a bad run with website design and support lately. His hosts and designers disappeared overnight and took his website with them. He was desperate to get his site live again and Pogo were enlisted to help. The Brief For Our Handyman Website Pogo were given a mock-up of […]

Mela Purdie at No1 Boutique

[email protected] is dead. Long live No1 Boutique. The Evergreen centre, where [email protected] was located, changed hands this year and was renamed. During the transition [email protected] took the opportunity to rename themselves to No1 Boutique. They’re rolling out a new logo (designed by Pogo) and updates to their website and social media pages. It’s a progressive […]

What Are Explainer Videos?

explainer video image

The phrase ‘explainer videos’ is a new one popping up in web design circles. The concept has been around for a while and you’ve probably seen explainer videos before. Explainer videos are those videos you see (usually on the front page of a site) and they quickly explain about that site’s product or service. Still […]

Handyman Brisbane | 1800 Trade Directory

Our trade directory clients 1800 Get A Trade directory continue to expand their directory into new fields and territories. Now if you’re looking for  Brisbane handyman 1800 Get A Tradie has you covered. Pogo are quite proud of the role we’ve played in this on-going expansion. 1800’s ability to grow existing markets and expand into new […]

Electronic Cigarettes | Nicotine free e-cigs and vaporizers

Electronic cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine free vaporizes that that emit nothing but steam and a faint scent. The practise of using them is called “vaping”. What’s interesting about them is they’re often used by smokers who are quitting. By simulating the exercise of smoking it replaces the smoker’s habit of the physical practise of […]