SEO update for Black Label Transfers

Pogo has been commissioned to improve the search engine rankings of Gold Coast airport transfer service Black Label Transfers. Our strategy has been manifold but consists in the main on getting them linked from quality like-minded sites (such as AICOL and Great Value Holidays) and increasing the amount of search engine focused content on their site. We changed some of the existing content on the site but by and large left it as is because it was already a good website with a sharp SEO focus.

Early results were very good. For our main search terms we jumped from page five to page two. Such good early results are often experienced when some tweaks to the content and structure pay quick dividends, leaping us over the other poorly designed websites that should not have been in front of us to begin with. Now the real work begins.

Sadly, being on page two of Google is about as good as being on page five. There’s only one place to be and that’s page one, and with this industry there is already a competitive well-designed bunch of websites at the top. That needn’t deter us though. Now we dig in and do what we know and do so well, add quality SEO focused content, keep adding content and more content, and allow that content to do the work. There are many (many many) theories about what works for Google rankings but there is nothing surer than the effect of quality SEO focused content. Pogo will keep updating Black Label’s blog, keep using the search engine keywords, and will eventually overcome the somewhat stiff opposition in this industry.

It’s likely we’ll sacrifice certain keyword terms in the short-term to grow our strength in others. For instance, we may lose ground in the Brisbane market to consolidate the Gold Coast market. That needn’t worry us because once we have grown the over-all strength of the website and grown our strength for the “airport transfers” search engine keywords growing the Brisbane keyword will be an easy adjunct to what we’ve already done.

SEO work can be an interesting cat-and-mouse game. The important thing is to chart long-term growth and we’re looking forward to reporting back to you soon with more encouraging results for Black Label Transfers.