IP Camera Setup

If you’re want cheap security for your business or home then your best alternative is probably an IP camera. Depending on which IP camera you use, Pogo can usually offer full IP camera set-up for a little over $200. That includes the IPcamera, the installation of the IP camera and set-up of the modem to allow remote viewing.

Pogo use IP cameras from Footprint security. We’ve dealt with Footprint for a long while now and their units are good and reliable and Hugh’s follow up service is first class. If you do have a problem with one of their units it’ll get replaced pretty quickly. We’re always happy to recommend Footprint Security.

IP Camera Setup

Pogo will usually advise you to use the H.264 cameras for their better video. A single indoor IP camera with H.264 is $195 from Footprint. Add an hour labour to that for most IP camera setup and installations and you’re ready to monitor your premises from anywhere. There are iPhone and Android apps available for these IP cameras and once setup you can monitor them from anywhere.

IP Camera Recording

Most IP cameras will come with a Micro-SD slot these days. Certainly the one’s we use from Footprint do. They allow you to install up to 32Gb of  storage for you to record locally.   Motion detection is used to record when there is activity. In a normal shop premises you could expect to record 1-2 days on the 32Gb card.

Pogo can also setup your IP camera to record to a computer, either locally or remotely. If you’re using a remote computer you’ll need to make sure you have enough bandwidth.

IP Camera Network Connections

A fixed ADSL or cable connection is best though you can get good results with wireless internet these days.  The internal network connection can use your premises wireless network. This avoids the need to run cables to the cameras.

Scaleable IP Camera Network

You can always add extra IP cameras to an existing network.

IP Camera Setup Summary

For much less than you’d pay for a CCTV setup with PVR and cabled cameras Pogo can setup 24hr security you can view from anywhere in the world. An ideal single camera setup is a H.264 camera from Footprint and a 32Gb SD card. Installation will usually only take 1hr so a complete cost is $323 for this system full installed.